Sunday, May 3, 2015

DIY Dreamsicle Sugar Scrub

   Why buy an expensive scrub that likely is not good for your skin when you can make your own with healthy ingredients you probably have in your own house? This is a great gift and comes in adorable packaging. Just be careful when using it-typically I would use a glass jar and since this scrub is usually used in the shower, it could easily be slippery and break. I recommend keeping it right outside your shower. Without further ado, let's go DIY!

   You only need four ingredients. First, sugar. You can use salt, but many people feel salt is too coarse for their skin. For the wonderful dreamsicle scent, you need an orange and vanilla extract. Lastly, to bind the scrub together, you need some kind of oil. I have three suggestions: melted coconut oil, grape seed oil, or olive oil. Make sure that if you are using olive oil, to make sure it is NOT the extra virgin kind. This will give the scrub a strong, alarming (and admittedly gross smell)

   There is no real recipe. It all depends on the consistency and scent you prefer. First, just pour some of your sugar into a medium sized bowl.Next, in small increments add the oil.Combine the mixture and add orange juice and zest. Finally pour in a some vanilla extract. If your are making this for someone, i recommend you use lots of orange zest because it gives the scrub a fresh look and feel. Play around with your ingredients until you get what you want.

   Now for the packaging. Take a look at the picture below.

   Did you see the popsicle stick? Did you get the dreamsicle connection? So, as you can see, the popsicle stick pokes through the lid. It doubles as a tool to scoop out the scrub (so your fingers don't get sticky) or you can use it to stir the scrub. On the jar lid, trace the shape of the stick and cut it out with some kind of drill or knife. Then just poke the popsicle stick through the lid and scoop the scrub into the jar. Would ya look at that? You just made some DIY Dreamsicle Sugar Scrub!

I hope everyone enjoyed this post and found it helpful! ~Anna

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